Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Importance Of Hosiery For Your Business.

We created this informative video to show you how hosiery can increase your business.

We hope this video was helpful to you and changed the way you see your business and ways to build it with hosiery.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to Wear Thigh High Holdups and Stockings

What is the proper fit or way to wear thigh high holdups or stockings? That is the million dollar question. We are not about to say that we know how one should wear them properly. What we will discuss is how we believe the proper fit is for Glamory Hosiery. 

Wearing holdup or stockings has a variety of reasons or purposes to wear them. You can wear them for health reasons. Holdup and stockings are healthier to wear than tights or pantyhose. They are also cooler and should be more comfortable. 

"Glamory Hosiery is classic, sexy and is meant to be discovered"

Some will wear them to be fun and sassy and want to show off the welts and others want them to be discovered and part of the seduction with their partner. Others will wear them for themselves, to feel sexy and express their personality under the standard conservative office attire. Let’s face it, having the tops of the hosiery on full display may not be appropriate in the office or corporate environment. Glamory Hosiery is classic, sexy and is meant to be discovered! This makes Glamory Hosiery perfect to wear to the office and into the night on that special date. 

Glamory Hosiery is the only hosiery available in the U.S. that goes past the standard height and weight of 6’ and 200lbs or even 260lbs or 35” inseam. Unless you are taller than 6’7” or an inseam measurement over 43” and over 370lbs or thigh circumference over 41” our hosiery will fit you the way we feel they should. You will not have to worry about the welt showing or getting unwanted attention or looks from the people around you.

Sizing Based on Thigh and Inseam Measurements

We created a sizing guide after testing the fit on many fit models of all shapes and sizes from a person that is a size 4 to a size 32. We discovered what we always knew that Glamory Hosiery is more than a plus size hosiery company. We truly are, “luxury hosiery made in my size.” Our guide addresses the area in which you are wearing the thigh high holdups. Just as you would base the bra you wear on the measurements of your over and under bust. The same should be for your hosiery.   

We feel the welt should be on the top third of your thigh or higher if you like. Wearing the welt higher also helps with chaffing of the inner thighs. This will also firm and smooth your thighs and elongate your legs.    

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Proper Sizing For Thigh High Holdups and Stockings

Below is our sizing chart. This sizing chart is based on the thigh circumference and the inseam measurement.  this is the best way to ensure your purchase the correct size thigh highs or stockings.

Using this sizing chart you will want to use the greater measurement between the two.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Tights were once only for men

This was back before women were allowed to wear pants, or even show their legs. Thankfully times have changed, and women can now wear whatever they want... so why can't men?
Men are realizing all of the comforts and benefits of tights that ladies have been enjoying for a long time. Tights are supportive, they’re warm, they don’t slip, and they have a fantastic look under a pant, and these benefits are far from gender exclusive. When viewed under a pair of trousers, like a dress sock, they simply look like a dress sock and the keep a man’s appearance flawless and seamless while providing additional advantages.
Glamory has have designed hosiery for men and taken special care to have it fit a man, just as with the women’s line, take additional steps to ensure comfort. Glamory has five styles that are in the men’s collection. Each are unique and address different styles or needs in men’s hosiery.

·         Glamory Classic20 is our sheerest hosiery at a 20 denier. These are transparent with a matte finish and very comfortable to wear and made for a perfect fit and comfort with flat seams a comfort gusset, reinforced panty and toe. Available in both Black and Teint. These are light weight and perfect to wear under your trousers.

·         Glamory Support40 is a semi-transparent hosiery with a 40 denier. These have a slight shine to them and have compression factors that will vitalize the legs as you move or standing still. Also with flat seams, comfort gusset, and reinforced panty and toe. Available in both Black and Teint. The Support40 is perfect to wear all day. They are engineered for that very reason. These are the go to style if you are on your feet all day. Also because of its supportive properties these will aide in shaping and smoothing the legs.

·         Glamory Support70 with a matte finish and opaque at 70 denier. Having the same features as the Support40. Available in Black. The Support70 is a heavier tight and ideal for the colder times of the year or colder climates.

·         Glamory Microman100 are opaque, matte finish and a soft microfiber with a 100 denier.  The Microman100 introduces a fly for access. Available in Black. These are perfect to wear to the office or on the construction site to stay warm. Also to the gym or a pick up game of basketball or running or cycling or any sports activity. Compression values and keeping the muscles warm just adds to the blood flow and keeping your legs fresh and energized.

·         Glamory Thermoman100 are the footless version of the Microman100. All the same qualities now with the option of being footless. Opaque with a matte finish and soft microfiber 100 denier. Flat seams, comfort gusset, reinforced panty and built in fly. Available in Black.     

Whenever I mention to retail store that Glamory has a men’s hosiery line I always get a weird look and it is usually followed with them saying, “we don’t have any transgender / cross-dresser shoppers. My first thought is why not, what are you doing wrong with your business that you cannot attract that part of the market. Second thought is they need to climb out of the box they built themselves and their business inside. Finally, I explain that the men’s hosiery is not even made for that market. I then see an even more puzzling look. I explain that all of our hosiery is made for men and women especially with our never before seen here in the US sizing that will fit someone 5ft or 6’7” 110lbs to 350lbs. with most of the transgender and cross-dress community dressing to look feminine. They are more of our women’s styles of the Thigh Highs and Stockings. That’s when the light turns on in their head. That’s when they understand.

Many of the men who wear hosiery are not gay, freaks, cross-dressers or any other label you want to give them. They are the postal workers, mechanics, police officers, fireman, corporate executives to office workers and men in the medical field. They are all men like Soccer star Paul Pogba, NBA star Russel Westbrook or Chicago born musician Junius Paul. Many designers are also showing men in hosiery as you can see in the Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 15 show as well as shows from Dries Van Noten and Givenchy. The boundaries of gender fashion are starting to get blurry. Men it’s time to reclaim our tights. 

Men wear hosiery for style and support. Whether it’s under their trousers in the office or shorts while out doing everyday things. They are made for the fashion forward guy that likes to dress on point and live the luxury lifestyle. One of the many men I reached out to from our social media accounts was the author of one of the most popular blogs on men’s hosiery called appropriately Hosiery For Men. I was surprised to hear him say that his readership shows he has more followers in the United States than in his home country of the UK.        

The bottom line is men’s hosiery here in the US and the world is growing in popularity and is here to stay and the options and patterns will only grow as well.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

When Should You Wear Thigh Highs

Thigh high stockings, sometimes called hold-ups, are a unique undergarment, because they straddle both the world of exotic lingerie and the world of practical hosiery. Thigh highs are appropriate for all kinds of jobs? Here's the thing, thigh highs have a reputation for being super sexy and for only being worn in the bedroom. The truth is thigh highs should be worn during your work day or at parties, casual get togethers, on weekends and on hot dates!

Thigh highs are very comfortable, fitted, sanitary, playful and obviously very sexy. First of all, with thigh highs there are no uncomfortable waistbands that cut into your waistline. In addition, thigh highs will not flatten your curves under fitted skirts, dresses or pants. High quality thigh highs like Glamory Hosiery stockings give legs a flawless finish and a shapely look. You can show the welt (band), or you can keep it a secret. Bottom line: thigh highs provide you with a great opportunity to express your individual personality in a world of business professional personas. Reveal your sassy personality and confidence.

Whether you are working in the office or dancing the night away, all Glamory Hosiery thigh highs include silicone bands that will ensure that your thigh highs stay up as long as you do (or longer!).

When Are Thigh Highs Appropriate?

The easy answer is, all the time! You can wear thigh highs whenever and however you want. They are sexy and fun while also being professional. It's all in how you style them! Read on for some style ideas as well as the different types of thigh highs available from Glamory Hosiery, a premier retailer in the world of thigh highs.

Thigh Highs at Work

Yes! You can and should wear your thigh highs to work. Not only will your legs look amazing but you'll feel secretly sexy as you go about your day.
  • The Allure20 thigh high is simple perfection to complete your work ensemble. The Allure20 has a minimal lace top band perfect for that form fitting pencil skirt. With the double silicone on the band they will stay up all day long without trouble. Pair these sexy but sweet thigh highs with a knee-length skirt and a nice sweater or jacket and you've got a professional look that hides your secret sexy side. These are available in five different color styles: black, white, and make-up as well as contrasting black top with make-up and white top with make-up.
  • The Micro60 thigh high is both luxurious and warm for cold winter days or when you just want a darker hose when you have to dress up. They are made of the finest Italian thread. They will keep your legs warm and looking super sexy. These come in black or make-up.
  • The Vital40 thigh high is perfect for the long days at your workplace. The Vital40 are specifically engineered to energize your legs and keep your legs felling fresh and invigorated. 

Thigh Highs at Night

Thigh highs are the perfect topper to any ensemble you can create. You can reveal your seductive or sassy side when you wear these sexy thigh highs for a night on the town.
  • The Deluxe20 thigh highs scream excitement with their bi-color red and black lace top. They are also available in all black and champagne! The bi-color lace tops are exclusive to Glamory Hosiery. Pair them with sexy mini-skirt to show off your legs and a glimpse if you dare of the lace top!
  • The Couture20 thigh high simply screams glamour. These sexy thigh highs are all about vintage and perfect for a night out with your sweetie. These thigh highs have a very sexy back-seam topped with a floral 6” band. These are perfect to wear with a short skirt so everyone can see the full gorgeousness of your legs.
  • The Mesh creates a look of timeless elegance. With fishnets, you are allowing tiny glimpses of bare skin. If you are truly daring, you can wear these to work with a power suit and really show off your sexy side. Otherwise, these are the perfect thigh highs to grab the attention of the one you love!
  • The Comfort20 is a mix a femininity and sexuality. With a luxurious wide lace top, they stay in place securely with reassuring comfort, and come in black, make-up, red and white. So you can add a splash of color to your legs. Get the perfect fit, but still feel good about showing off your stunning curves.

Thigh highs are a style of hosiery that not only looks great with any outfit but they can be worn to any event. They are the perfect accessory for a sexy night with your sweetie. They are, in essence, an aphrodisiac worn on the body. This high-quality hosiery makes your legs look long, sexy and flawless. They are the finishing touch that puts any outfit over the top!
Don't be afraid to show the world how sexy and professional you are with the vast array of thigh highs at Glamory Hosiery. Without a doubt, you will be able to find a pair that reflects your sexy style.