Friday, November 21, 2014

Glamory Hosiery Sizing

Here at Glamory Hosiery we wanted to show you how the Glamory Comfort 20 Thigh High fits. In later posts we will also compare these thigh highs to other brands. Below is the sizing guild as well.

Leg measurements are as follows:
Inseam: 37"
Upper Thigh Circumference: 26"
Middle Thigh Circumference: 24"
Lower Thigh Circumference: 21"
Circumference: 18.5"

From the images below you can see that my thighs are long and is only a difference from from lower thigh to upper thing of 5 inches.
I also has very long legs at 37" inseam so we also want to show that they will be long enough even when you want to wear your short skirts or dresses.

  As you can see with the Glamory Comfort 20 size Medium 40-42, they do not fit. They are not suppose though either. 

The Glamory Comfort 20 size Large 44-46 actually surprised me with the fit. These were stretched up as high as they would go. I feel though that with walking around in them for 8 hours and maybe even just a couple hours they would start to pull down on my leg and I would have to keep pulling them up. As I walk around though I never felt that they would roll down my leg. Mostly they would just start to pull down from the stretching of my legs from walking or sitting down and getting up.

 The Glamory Comfort 20 size 1XL 48-50. I am right on the cusp according to the sizing chart with these. These are also pulled up as high as they would go so with all day movement they would slide down a little. These have have worn before all day with a dress that reached just above the knees and never had a worry of exposing the lace tops. 

The Glamory Comfort 20 size 2XL 52-54. These are my preferred size to wear. Because I was right on the edge of the sizing guide of the 1XL 48-50. These are also pulled up high just to show how high they will go. They actually would go higher if my legs were longer. I would never wear these this high though because I feel they may start to roll on me because it is up over my derriere. This is also the size I am wearing on my other leg so you can see these are perfect even when you want to wear a short skirt or dress.

The Glamory Comfort 20 size 3XL 56-58. You may think that this is the same picture from the 2XL 52-54, but its not. I actually purposely wore these with the lace seam showing so that I would not get confused myself. As you can see these look like they fit the same and for the most part they do. There is big difference though with these. The lace band is a little bit looser to allow for more ample thighs that mine. They also easily went up higher on to my derriere. Although they were a little bit looser on my thigh, I still feel that they would last all day staying put and not slide down. 

The Glamory Comfort 20 size 4XL 60-62. These have the same issues that the 3XL 56-58 have. As you can see the fit went up even higher on my derriere. Also even looser on my thigh and also not as compressed around my leg. For my leg measurements these may slide down. This size is made for legs that have a thigh measurement difference greater than 6 " between the lower thigh and the upper thigh circumference. 

The best way to ensure the proper sizing is to actually measure your inseam and the thickest part of your thigh. Above is the sizing chart based on those measurements. Because of the isometrics of hosiery you want to use the greater measurement of the two for the correct size. 

The sizing chart above has all three measuring styles as a reference. Height and Weight, Inseam and Thigh Circumference, and Dress Size.

We are always hearing how women don't like to wear thigh highs because they just roll down. Well maybe you are just wearing the wrong size.

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