Monday, December 22, 2014

Today we are going to start our compare Glamory Comfort 20 Thigh Highs to Lane Bryant's Thigh High's with Backseam. Lane Bryant's sizing chart is 1X (5'-5'7", 155-210 lbs.), 2X (5'4"-5'10", 210-265 lbs.), 3X (5'7"-6', 250-300 lbs.).  Glamory Hosiery sizing chart goes up to 5X (up to 6'6" and 330 lbs.)
Here are the Lane Bryant thigh highs on. Just so you are aware I am taller than their 3X sizing charts maximum height. I am 6'2" with a inseam measurement of 37". I am between the weight of the 2X.
Because I want to show how their largest size fits compared to Glamory's larges size, I will show Glamory's 5X as well as my normal size of the 2X.

As you can see they come up a little short. I did expect this though because after all I am taller than the maximum height. These are pulled as high as they will go. The grip is good around my thigh, but as I was walking around in them they did slide down and roll. This is a brand that I would never be able to wear though because I am too tall for them.
 Above is the size I normally wear which are the 2X 

Above is the 5X. 

I have already talked about in a previous post how each of the Glamory Comfort 20 fit on my measurements. As you can see Glamory's largest size goes far beyond what Lane Bryant's largest size.

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